The dissemination of knowledge, a priority objective.


Symposium(2008 to date)


Creation, frontend and backend web development and additional microservices


Concept and creation, Web development, iOS and Android applications

We have created the leading platform for management and dissemination of knowledge-related events.

Its start

Symposium is a Digio fully-incubated project. In light of its unstoppable growth it was spined-off into a satellite company. The platform was conceived as an online tool that allows the creation, management and dissemination of knowledge-related events in a simple and differentiated way.

A portal where events, conferences of the most important universities and scientific societies are centralized, thus enabling exponential dissemination.

Evolution of the web platform

The easiest way to manage events

Symposium offers the possibility to manage and disseminate any knowledge-based event.
/br>The platform allows for the easy creation of a personalized website for each activity thus offering all needed tools to simplify management of events: registry, accreditation, payment, issuance of certificates and diplomas, technical support, etc.

Guaranteed dissemination

Symposium allows for great customization for all events and is aimed at any type of community that needs to coordinate and manage its activities in a unified way.

Thanks to the platform's entity, universities and scientific societies are able to raise great awareness on their events, thus improving results in terms of dissemination and attendance. In addition, Symposium allows for events to be published on Emagister, the leading platform for academic training, in turn enhancing the events overall visibility.

Improving the end user experience

Digio has also released the Symposium APPS for iOS and Android. With the Symposium Mobile APP, event attendees have the opportunity to learn about individual events with information filtering and custom search options.

In addition, users can register for any event from the app and access all relevant information at the touch of a button, even using it as an event ticket.

Moreover, the application satisfies the needs of all stakeholders by offering a list of all available events, hence the increase in dissemination. Additionally, sponsors can have their own unique one-stop-shop to offer all relevant information to all users.


Universities in Spain
already use Symposium


Monthly events created


Monthly registrations for our events

More than 50% of Spanish universities already trust Symposium

Our extensive experience has led Symposium to become the benchmark platform for the management and dissemination of knowledge-based events. Indeed, more than 50% of Spanish universities already trust our platform. The portal has more than 100,000 unique visitors per month, of which more than 30,000 register for more than 1,500 events published each month. This implies a yearly economic turnover of more 3 million euros managed through the platform.

In addition, Symposium continues its expansion, thus positioning itself strongly accross several Latin American countries. At Symposium we know that the limits of knowledge are not yet written.