May 2023 2:52pm

Mobile Applications: Hybrid or Native?

Barcelona, May 18, 2023

Currently, the development of mobile applications has become a necessity for any company looking to enhance its online presence and provide an exceptional user experience. When it comes to developing a new mobile application, the dilemma arises between choosing a hybrid or...

Mar 2023 2:04pm

Digital Innovation and Energy Future: Realities and Solutions

DIGIO Launches Multiple Innovative Platforms for a Disruptive Energy Vertical

Barcelona, March 31, 2023

While digital innovation is part of the solution in the current context of rising energy prices, inflation, and scarcity of raw materials, at DIGIO, we are working to promote a disruptive ener...

Sep 2022 10:52pm

DIGIO in Sweden

Trade mission to Sweden

Murcia, 12 de septiembre de 2022 – We travelled to Sweden with the aim of expanding business contacts with this country.

Between October and December 2021, DIGIO participated in a Trade Mission to Sweden promoted by the Murcia Chamber of Commerce and the Instituto de ...