A new concept in interactive music events


Yulia APP(2016)


Mobile Application Design and Development


School of Design IED Barcelona


Application iOS & Android

From Digio in collaboration with IED Barcelona, we present Yulia, a new musical event concept.

Yulia APP

At Digio, we have developed from scratch, together with Barcelona's FDI, the Yulia application for iOS. Presented at Sonar+D 2016, Yulia has a clear goal: to create a unique sound system introducing in a totally intuitive way, the ability to enjoy a new concept of musical event.

All you need is an invitation to the event that works as an amplifying gadget once it has been adapted to the phone. At Digio we have fulfilled all the requirements and expectations that were proposed to us and we have been able to develop this new crowd-based way of enjoying music.

We have helped create a new concept of musical event through Yulia's APP.

Yulia allows the synchronization of mobile devices in order to become a single sound system whose main sound source is manipulable in real time, thus allowing for DJs to interact with the audience. All you need is a gadget that works as an amplifier when adapted to your smartphone.

Mix your music

Yulia acts as a DJ set. Choose two songs from your club, wait for the beats to synchronize. Get perfect mixes by merging the songs. Adjust the highs, lows and mids and apply digital effects. Become a great DJ on your own with your mobile device.

It is part of a whole.
A visual community in the form of a multi-screen

On a visual level, the colour of the app varies depending on the time of day, turning the union of all the screens of all connected phones into a visual community in the form of a large DJ screen.