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Roomonitor Platform


Back development, Front-end (PHP, NodeJS...), mobile (iOS, Android) & IoT


IoT, Web & iOS & Android applications

We enable the digital transformation of the leisure & hospitality industry through the implementation of IoT.

The challenge of IoT technology

Our challenge was to stabilize the platform for high-availability operation. Once stabilized we proceeded to develop and improve the usability of the application. To achieve this, we collaborated with Roomonitor in the development of their web and mobile applications using Swift language for iOs and Java for Android.

To deliver the interconnection between the mobile application and the different control devices, we used the Bluetooth 4 protocol that allows both the host and the guest to optimize their stay duration in the tourist accommodation.

In order to take advantage of the full potential of the application, we have developed a networked infrastructure oriented towards IoT and have improved the detection devices' software by adding more functionalities and greater safety.

The infrastructure consists of more than 15 services interconnected to provide a resilient and highly available platform access. For its development, Meteor, NodeJS, PHP, and C++ programming have been used

We developed a control system to strengthen the owner's trust as well as the guest's comfort

Roomonitor is an Internet of Things SaaS platform for tourist accommodations created with the aim of reducing costs, improving coexistence and optimising the guest experience.

We have developed a network infrastructure oriented to IoT, which allows to monitor noise levels in tourist apartments in addition to presence control, smoke alerts, flooding, glass breakage, etc. This service allows to send notifications automatically to owners and security staff by mail, phone, or sms.

Resource optimization, guaranteed success.

With Roomonitor the owners manage to improve the efficiency and savings by means of sensors that control the noise, the air conditioning or the opening of doors through a simple App, getting also a better experience for the guest, without waiting and without worries.