Artificial vision and hearing through AI

12 Jun 2022 12:00am

DIGIO is working on an IoT platform and devices capable of working with computer vision and hearing through AI

Murcia, June 12, 2022 - As part of a CDTI project for 2020-2022 DIGIO is working on a cloud platform for IoT devices with digital vision and hearing capabilities, with the aim of building horizontal applications that help to develop different areas in which artificial vision and hearing provide a differential value.

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With this objective in mind, DIGIO develops a complete cloud solution completely independent of third party solutions, which can be hosted in any of the major cloud providers, using Open Source Software, the solution integrates both the management environment, monitoring and tracking of information, as well as the definition and implementation of the hardware solution that will serve as the basis for the development of specific vertical solutions.

The platform and remote devices are capable of integrating AI modules for artificial vision, initially designed to detect the passage of people in crowded places and detect variations in the flow of people. At the same time through the ability to have an artificial hearing system capable of detecting noise patterns and indicating the origin of the same as well as recognizing specific sounds to generate alerts through any medium.