Get robustness, security and confidence in your business or project, with our QA team

Our QA area ensures the quality our delivered code without losing sight of the utility for the end users. We achieve this by continuously reviewing processes and specs, analyzing risks, defining and executing test plans, setting standards, designing and reviewing metrics.

Our QA Services

Manual testing

Based on the requirements, our testers create and execute tests anticipating the real users' behaviour while ensuring that the application works as designed, has an intuitive interface, and meets users needs. The ultimate goal is to identify bugs and improve the overall user experience.

Test automation

Our team will help you create the strategy that best fits with your needs. Leverage the benefits of automated testing on either large projects or those with multiple iterations. Our approach to testing allows you to take full advantage of the team as it can focus efforts on building test-cases for new features instead of performing repetitive tasks. We remain focused on test coverage and excellent project quality.

QA Outsourcing

We offer a testing service for products, developed by your own team or other companies, ensuring excellent performance across any platform while ensuring requirements and user expectations fulfilment. We can increase or reduce the testing resources according to your needs, create a collaboration plan, and ensure the best quality delivery.

Quality consulting

If you already have a QA team but need assistance to create a more effective testing plan and consolidate your current project strategy and direction, we have a team with over 10 years of experience ready to help you take your product to the next level.

Thanks to QA we manage to reduce the number of support tickets and the cost of maintenance and development of your active projects as they are continuously updated to meet market needs.

In addition, a good QA system promotes TTM (Time To Market) compliance, reducing product costs while ensuring the best end-user experience.

4x Coding 500 $ 6x Integration 750 $ 8x Testing 1000 $ 10x Post Release 1250 $ 2x Req. 250 $

Estimated fixed cost depending on the stage when the bug is detected.

Types of tests

At Digio we are committed to our customers' own commitment to end users. This is why we have a wide range of QA solutions to meet the real needs of each project; whether they were developed by Digio or beyond.

Focus group
We organize research groups composed by a representative set of potential product end users to anticipate their reaction and remarks on the functionalities before we develop them.
Risk analysis and action plan
We carry out a risk analysis, undoubtedly one of the most important tasks when defining projects and initiatives to enhance the quality of the digital product. Additionally we define detailed action plans to be carried out.
Specification review
We review the requirements/documentation to seek for logical errors in the product as a way to prevent bugs during the development phase
Smoke test
We check the stability of the software before starting an in-depth test.
Integration test
We check how different elements of a software behave and whether they can work well together in a given environment. When a bug pops up, it can be rooted in the code or in the environment.
Exploratory test
We performed this informal functional test to gain additional agility. During the execution, we document the key test cases executed.
We check that the product meets all of the user's expectations.
Automation test
We minimize the time and costs of testing by automating functional and unit tests when compiling a given build up or before a new release.
Sanity test
We carry out this dry-run test to check that a certain functionality behaves correctly after a potential modification.
Compatibility test
We make sure that the product works perfectly on different platforms and browsers, regardless of the operating system.
Performance & Load testing
We carry out checks on the speed, responsiveness and stability of the software in certain situations, such as load peaks.
UX test
The way to obtain valuable data on user behaviour upon interacting with a product. We detect software deficiencies that can be improved in order to enrich the experience of target users, increase brand awareness, and increase revenue.

Our process

At Digio we are committed to quality and to our own customers' commitment to end users. This is why we provide a wide range of QA solutions to meet the real needs of each project, whether they have been developed at Digio or beyond.

Contact and analysis
  • Project analysis.
  • Requirement analysis.
  • Estimate.
  • Traceability matrix setup.
  • Acceptance criteria definition.
  • Risk analysis and definition.
  • Test plan creation.
Environment setup and preparation
  • Hardware/software configuration.
  • Environment setup.
  • Test case identification.
  • Testing data preparation.
Test execution and monitoring
  • Test Case execution.
  • Execution of identified bugs.
  • Review and verification of solved bugs.
Closing and maintenance report
  • Test automation.
  • Sprint/Project Report
  • Customer acceptance
  • Sprint/Project closing.

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