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Visual Led Platform


UX / UI design, Back, Front-end development


Web platform and development of communication apps for PCs

Digio delivered a cloud-based project to manage LED advertising video panels used in large cities

A cloud platform to manage the LED advertising panel visualisation

Faced with the challenge of generating universal software that would cover the needs of the client, at Digio we have developed a cloud platform with a reactive environment to be able to configure groups of LED panels, locations, etc. In order to achieve this we have worked with Meteor and S3 thus allowing everything to work on the Amazon cloud platform.

Together with the development we have made a series of executable files that enable the connection between the platform and the LED panels in order to send instructions and commands for visual coding, as well as to manage brightness and contrast over the LED panels.

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We standardized the software to make it universal

Until now, the software developed for the programming of this type of LED panels was designed by each manufacturer. At Digio we have delivered a new standard so that owners, from a simple platform, can configure any type of LED panel. As a result, Digio became the only developer of such a platform at a commercial level.

Programming LED advertising panels anytime, anywhere

Usability and efficiency mark the evolution, that's why we have designed a platform that allows to manage the playlists programming by means of Drag & Drop through very intuitive and easy to use panels.

From the platform you can manage the multimedia library of videos and graphics that are played on the LED panels. We have also developed the option of running playlists as well as the scheduling of each individual LED or a specific group of LED panels.