Technology to offer online quotes automatically


Teyco Budgets


UI / UX design and Web development


Web Platform

Online Excel connected to web forms to manage budgets automatically

Interaction between forms and databases to automate responses

Teyco is an industrial machinery player providing aluminum supplies that needed a platform capable of managing online budgets in a fast and reliable way.

Using NodeJS and VueJS technologies we developed an online budgeting platform that allows you to generate new logic for calculating expected costs from any standard Excel application, getting an immediate and online calculation, without the need to code or go through complex processes.

Statistics to achieve loyalty

The Teyco Budgets platform, besides automating online budgeting and offering budgets immediately to customers, it also allows to obtain a series of statistics of great value thus enabling to sort out companies by number of requested budgets, number and type of users, products, and of course based on forms.

This eases the administration of the customer portfolio while allowing to extrapolate information that the Teyco Group can use to offer specific campaigns to customers, thus achieving the desired conversion rates.


Platform design