Digital product design. We help to make sense of your idea or project. We turn ideas into experiences.

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Since 2007 we have helped our clients to define and design concepts to make sense of their digital product roadmap. Research and analysis meets our creative process.

Specialists in digital product design

At Digio we know how important it is to get the best results, which is why we have a visual experience team ready to face the challenges of digital transformation in the best possible way.

To achieve more useful products with a global scope, we have a design team focused on creating digital products, effectively following and creating design trends, covering both web and mobile development applications.

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Product design in digital format

Wireframes, Benchmarking, UX, UI & Visual Design. We investigate and solve functional problems through formal solutions.

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Interaction Design

We define the architecture of your digital product, how it should be understood, and the way your customers interact with it.

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We prototype your idea and get feedback quickly to be in control at all times.

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Emotional design as part of your strategy

A very important part of our process is focused on making the whole experience linked to more human aspects such as emotions or feelings directly related to the end customer or to the digital product's nature, including it as an essential part of the design strategy.

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Effective and efficient visual solutions

A very important part of our process is focused on offering visual solutions for the delivery of appealing and highly functional prototypes and interfaces, with the objective of creating products that solve, with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency, the specific needs of each client. We do so by prioritizing usability and the improvement of the user experience.

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Analysis and concept building
Each project is born with the characteristics and specific needs of each client. In this first phase we collect the necessary data and start to carry out an analysis of the needs while laying out the key features to be worked out. Then we assess and study the possibilities of the project and create the necessary flows to turn the first ideas into well-defined concepts.
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Sketch and first iterations
After the analysis and concept building phase, we move on to the drafting out of the first low-fidelity sketches. By understanding well the scope of the project, we fit the requirements into an early design that quickly provides a global vision for subsequent iterations. In this second phase, we shape the representative design of all the screens needed for the application and we create the necessary architecture to support the key information flows.
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Creating resources
After the implementation of the necessary iterations, we move on to the creation of the graphic resources, screens and flows based on the requirements (typographies, measures, sizes, colors, etc.) necessary for a design delivery which is totally adapted to the project needs. All these resources are grouped into a complete design system to support it, while ensuring scalability and avoiding inconsistency problems between elements. This is essential to prevent future risks as the project may enter into a growth stage, thus ensuring its scalability regardless of its magnitude.
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Design solution and final arts
During the design phase, the client will be provided with the work done in a measured way so that he or she can provide the necessary feedback, which allows us to better align the vision of the project. Once this phase has been completed, the project is ready to undertake its development efforts, in which it will be accompanied by design documentation and operating specifications along with all the necessary graphic resources. After the complete design process, it is important to transfer the information, measurements and specifications, both technical and visual, to the development team.

We work with the best tools which we use across all phases of the design process.

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