A unique application to record, store and share your videos in an unlimited way


Cubi Platform


UX / UI design, iOS development, Android, J2EE Backend (APIs) and QA

Patented video, vision and AI technology provided by N3N.

A response to innovation and evolution as signs of identity

Cubi is based on four fundamental axes: a multipurpose camera, audio and video recording, unlimited cloud storage, and content sharing.

The challenge for Digio, in becoming a technological partner of Cubi, was to bring all these ideas together and think of new features that would turn the project into a unique platform. So we took responsibility for the design and definition of the product, design and deployment of the cloud infrastructure, iOS, Android and J2EE Backend (APIs) development and Quality Assurance.

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Layout of the initial conceptual flow

Definition, design and development in record time

We started the project with sketches based on N3N needs, identifying the key points and specific advantages of the App. Based on this information, we started with the UX design, which allowed us to detect, at a usability level, the optimization of the App's usage flow.

We continued by translating this design into simple graphic components; in turn, this has allowed us to iterate and advance as quickly as possible in this phase, therefore obtaining a first prototype of the App in a very short timeframe.

The platform that allows you to record videos with a multi-purpose camera and store them in an unlimited cloud

Cubi Cam allows you to record videos from mobile devices or with a multi-purpose camera and store them in a cloud without storage limitations.

The evolution of the platform, thanks to Digio's collaboration with Cubi and N3N, has been amazing. From an app for recording car journeys, exclusively on video, it has shifted onto a general purpose camera capable of filming audio and video, both from its front and rear camera views, which allows for unlimited storage in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Share your videos and become part of the Cubi community

CubiCam (also known as Cocona in some geographies) is a project under continuous development. At Digio, as their technology partner, we continue to work to ensure evolution and achieve what no one has ever done before.

With this development we enhance the application and offer our client a huge business opportunity based on the metadata stored in the servers.